About Us

Things for Wings is located in beautiful Vancouver BC, Canada.  We specialize in unique natural toy parts and top quality hand crafted Artisan Bird Toys.

Our toy line combines a life-long love of crafting with our love of parrots.  It is extremely rewarding for our toy designer to carry on her passion for crafting, into each of our toys.
Things for Wings goes the extra mile to enrich the lives of parrots; many of our all natural toy parts are custom made for us in various parts of the world!

Toy assembly, parts storage, shipping and receiving are all done from a bird free facility.

Our huge inventory of products and supplies for all your parrot needs, also includes items from self-representing toy makers and food companies. We carry unique toys and hard to find items including a wide range of hand collected and crafted perches and toys.

The owners flock consists of a 17 year old Blue and Gold macaw named Kiwi, a bossy Congo Grey, Bea who is the flock leader at age 27 and the youngest is a Timneh Grey named Newman.  Our parrots are mischievous and saucy; they are the inspiration for Thing for Wings!