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Crunchy Munchy Millet

Crunchy Munchy Millet

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  • • 100% natural ingredients
  • • Created to appeal to and stimulate your pet, brightening their day.
  • • Carefully prepared with healthier and interesting ingredients.
  • • Sold in packs of two.
Three steps to heaven?
It will be with our unique trio of treats.  Each nibbletastic spray of natural millet is dipped in a special crunchy coating, then smothered in either delicious dandelion, tasty blossoms or crispy carrot.

Animals in the wild get to chew on natural roots and sticks, however as house pets this is normally not provided.  The Meadow Treat Collection offers a variety of treats and chews to provide optimal enrichment for small animals.

Loved by small animals Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters and other small animals.  All ingredients are considered safe for parrots too!  

Sold in packs of two 120 grams

Foxtail millet, wheat flour, carrots, dandelion, eggs, rose blossoms, marigolds (Calendula), sugar beet molasses

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