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Jumbo Sunflower Shredder

Jumbo Sunflower Shredder

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Part Number:V456-4-3-2
  • Bamboo, hardwood, pine, paper, and vine
  • 12"
  • Different textures for variety
  • Great for all medium to large sized parrots!
  • Shredding toys are a very important part of caged bird's day, to avoid boredom
  • Natural and brightly coloured
  • Guaranteed to make you smile!

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Jumbo Sunflower Shredder

Things for Wings© Sunflower toys are tried and true, always popular bird toys.  This large shredding will have your parrots crunching and shredding right away.  Bamboo is a Things for Wings flock of favourite!  Our Timneh, Congo, and Blue and Gold Macaw enjoy the crunchy bamboo after we sneak their treats inside.  The toy is double sided, exactly the same on both sides with the same parts.  Sunflower Shredder is built around a set of 12" bamboo plates with hardwood, pine, vine and paper sandwiched in between the plates. 
An original Things for Wings© toy.

We Have a Fun and Cheerful Twist on the ordinary bird toys!

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