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Mineral Block

Mineral Block

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Calcium Mineral Block

Small calcium blocks come in assorted colors and flavors.  These measure 1.5" x 1.25" with a twist tie on the back to secure to the cage.  Too hard for tiny birds such as Finch, cuttle bone would work best for them.

Available in the following flavors: Plain (just Oyster Shell); Alpha Green (Alfalfa and Oyster Shell); ; Blue Hawaii - (Bananas and Oyster Shell); Peanut Butter - (Peanut Bits and Oyster Shell);  Coconut Cream - (Coconut and Oyster Shell); Orange Julliet - (Orange Bits, Vanilla and Oyster Shell

Mineral Blocks also contain Dextrose and Flavorings.  Not all flavors will be available, enter your first choices.

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