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My Favorite Links

Bird Related

The Things for Wings flock gets their treats and custom cage mix from
The dry cage mix is a staple for our birds as their bedtime snack.
With so many interesting ingredients, Bea the Congo Grey, Kiwi the Blue and Gold and Newman the Timneh Grey are very excited in the evenings at snack time.

My Personal Links

I really enjoy looking at color combinations and patterns.  The owner of this blog has such beautiful photographs and an eye for color.  I love to browse pictures at A Creative Mint and use her site to get lost on the internet looking at other blogs the same.

I spent a few years in Elora, Ontario Canada, very artsy town.  My mother owned a store named Holly's where she would sell her wood crafts, dried flower baskets and her paintings.  When I am feeling nostalgic, I browse the pictures on this site Elora, Ontario.

Things for Wings art (logos and graphics) were designed by the talented artist Jennifer Lambein.
All art, graphics and company logos are protected under copyright laws, please refer to our Terms of Service for details. 

Here are some of the etsy stores that I shop at:

MangoGyrl I love the tiles that are made with the photos you send her.  I usually get the little dream catchers.  There is one I have over my work area that has a picture of my old dog, Dirk who passed away in 2011.  It is very special to me for who it is and that it was a gift from a friend.

These little felt things are so darned cute at Got Crow Creations, I bought a Rooster and Chicken family in a nest, and plan on buying more for Christmas ornaments.

My favorite youtube video links

This flock amazes me, most of her birds speak in context.  My favorites are Elvis, Keene, Zoe and Patrick.  Enjoy!