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Pineapple Bamboo Basket Dazzle

Pineapple Bamboo Basket Dazzle

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Part Number:3926-4r
  • • Bright and colourful
  • • Unique and original toy design
  • • Hangs in cage for shredding fun with a variety of nice parts.
  • • Provide plenty of enrichment to prevent boredom which leads to feather picking behaviours.
  • • Measures 10" deep and 6" high
What a nifty way to add playtime to your birds cage, featuring Things for Wings adorable Canadian PINE pineapples, with a cute heart cut out in the centre.
A Pineapple themed bamboo basket toy for small to medium sized birds.  Two bamboo baskets filled with natural shredding paper.  Then both sides feature pine, balsa, garfunkle curls, vine, hardwood beads, corn husk buttons, and grass sticks.  A full toy!  Measures about 10" deep and 6" high.

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