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About Us

My three birds, Kiwi, Newman, and Bea (1985-2014) were the catalyst for Things for Wings, which evolved in September of 2009.  Since this time, I have been very busy brainstorming, creating, and designing our range of bird toys for your parrot’s enjoyment.  I offer unique, natural accessories, healthy parrot food and treats, and many natural parts to create your own toys for those who are creative.  This is a single operation with big plans and a great deal of energy.  

All of our toy collections are created from a special memory close to my heart.  Selling crafty items has been in my blood from my earliest memories.  I was raised as the daughter of an artist; on weekends, we travelled to art shows in my mother’s Volkswagen Beetle, piled high with paintings.  As soon as I could make and sell things on my own, I did.  My first business was covering wine bottles with tin foil and going door to door selling them in our neighbourhood in Toronto, then on to rock people and clown paintings at age 10.  Since then my businesses have included jewelry at age 16, potpourri at age 18, lawn ornaments and dried flower arrangements at age 22, hair accessories at age 24, personalized children’s clothing at age 26, a soap making company in my late 20’s, candles, then on to a successful country wood craft business, which was a favourite.  Things for Wings was a reinvention of the wood crafts combined with my love of birds. 

My aim is to help you solve common bird problems and foster an opportunity to improve your bond with your precious pet, while also supporting my customers to provide the best care possible.

Things for Wings is committed to reinforce that all birds and parrots deserve above average care, dignity, and respect from all humans and to promote positive interactions that will enhance the relationship with your bird.  We can all contribute to a change of attitude that'll improve the lives of less fortunate birds simply by caring better for our own.  Through the love I share with my own lucky pets, we can improve the lives of abandoned and abused parrots.  Things for Wings has grown into a vehicle for others generosity, as well as my own contributions to various animal agencies in North America.

It has been a very humbling journey for me personally as I have become more involved in animal welfare.  My flock has grown to include a few fosters, who teach me something new every day.

I hope you enjoy our fun and functional toy collections, natural bird toy parts, and our wide array of parrot foods -Avian Organics, Fine Feather Foods, as well as popular and healthy commercially prepared foods.

Get to know my flock, visit https://www.facebook.com/luckyloucocotoo/