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Banana Small

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Part Number:4647
  • Perfect size for Caiques, Conures, Quakers and Ringnecks
  • Destructible toys satisfy a bird's instinctual need to chew
  • Quick link type cage connector
  • Measures 9" x 3"

Dangly Bear

A hanging, chewable Parrot toy made using softer materials for those smaller beaks and birds that prefer a gentler playtime.  This small Dangly Bear Parrot Toy has plenty to keep your feathered friend amused.

This brightly coloured flower shaped Parrot toy has pre-drilled holes through the centre and on each petal. Dangling down from both sides on lengths of soft cotton rope are small coloured wood slats and wood beads, perfect for smaller beaks and Parrots who play more gently to chew.

Banana Toy (9" x 3") is brightly coloured and interesting to attract your birds attention.

Securely attach this toy onto your bird's cage using the quick fitting metal pear link provided.

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