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Conure Cuisine Cage Mix

Conure Cuisine Cage Mix

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Conure Cuisine Cage Blend

All natural, preservative free, no chemicals, no soy, no corn, and no added sodium or sugars. 100% sulphate free.

When selecting the ingredients for our mixes, we consulted with known and respected diet specialists in the avian community.  Fine Feather is committed to ensuring our blends contain no cheap fillers for variety, we use organic, when possible, while keeping the costs affordable for our customers.
We mix our ingredients to order, ensuring freshness!

Conure owners now have a healthier alternative to commercially prepared blends for their spunky little friends.  Conure Cuisine ingredients include all the conure favourites, ensuring the pieces are all bite size or small enough to hold as they desire.  All ingredients are human grade and prepared in a kitchen dedicated solely to our blends.

Ingredients: Organic oat flakes, organic hulled sunflower seeds, organic buckwheat, sliced almonds, red bell peppers, pumpkin seeds, sweet potatoes, organic cranberries, organic pineapple, organic papaya, organic apples, goji berries, sterilized hemp seeds, carrots, peas, fennel seeds, raw pistachios, bee pollen, anise star, organic coconut chips, kale, organic dandelion leaf, organic chamomile
250 gram bag

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