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Feather-In AntiPick Treatment 8 oz

Feather-In AntiPick Treatment 8 oz

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Feather In is a soothing botanical that relieves itchy, dry skin in birds.  This finely milled herbal powder that provides a soothing natural treatment for itchy, molting and feather picking birds. Parrots, originating from sub-tropical humid climates, are especially prone to itchy, dry skin. Scratching may injure tender skin and contribute to feather plucking.
 Feather In conditions the skin to relieve irritation.  Mix the recommended amount of Feather In, with water in an 8 oz. spray bottle and mist twice a day. Human cosmetic grade.

 For beautiful, healthy feathers purchase our Feather Plucking Starter Pack, developed specifically for feather picking parrots. This revolutionary parrot supplement pack combines a Feather Conditioning supplement along with calming and nutritional supplements.

Mix with water and spray on bird.

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