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  • • Bright and colourful
  • • Unique and original toy design
  • • Hangs from the top of the cage
  • • Provide plenty of enrichment to prevent boredom which leads to feather picking behaviours.
  • • Measures 7" x 4"
Canadian Pine Owls with a little Things for Wings heart hole are featured in our new OWL-some collection!  
Featuring our very own solid vine sunflowers with an owl theme.  We used all the best parts in this side mounting toy, featuring bright orange and teal colouring.  Hootenanny measures 7" around and 4" deep.

Most of my collections are created from a special memory or things that remind me of people close to me.  The OWL-some Collection is inspired by my mother.  She was an artist, my creativity and entrepreneurial traits are from her.  The last paintings she did were of Owls "Danita, owls are really in right now"  She was going to get rich selling owl paintings!  I won't get rich selling owl bird toys, but I will think of her every time I make one for your birds.

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