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Heated Perch Medium

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*Bird-safe heated perch gives your caged bird the perfect way to stay warm
*Thermostatically controlled bird perch maintains ideal temperature range of 102-107°F
*Irregular surfaces on textured bird perch reduces foot cramping
Keep your bird warm with gentle, energy-efficient radiant heat. Thermo Perch is the unique heated perch that safely radiates warmth through your bird's feet. Thermostatically controlled bird perch uses a safe, low-voltage (12 volts) power source for an energy-efficient way to keep your bird warm from air conditioning and cold drafts. Thermo Perch maintains an optimum temperature range of 102°-107°F.

Thermo Perch can be left on continuously, so your bird can hop onto it whenever he needs warmth. Durable textured plastic perch has irregular surfaces to reduce foot cramping and pressure sores. Clean Thermo Perch with soap and water using a soft cloth. Do not immerse unit in water. Steel-wrapped cord sits outside the cage for bird's safety.

The Thermo Perch is made of sturdy, scratch and bite resistant plastic. It attaches easily to wire cages, and its irregular shape reduces foot cramping and pressure sores. The cord is kept safely away from the bird on the outside of the cage and protected with steel wire. 

How to set up Thermo-Perch

  1. Remove perch, cord, and transformer from package.
  2. Decide where to place perch. Place in upper third of the cage. Place perch adjacent to the highest perch, as most birds select the highest spot for sleep and safety. Do not place over food or water bowl. Do place where bird will be most comfortable.
  3. Unscrew retaining flange from the perch. Run the perch cord through the bars of the cage. Place the threaded end of the perch through the birdcage bars. While holding the perch in place, slide the retaining flange up the cord and screw the retaining flange onto the threads. Hand-tighten until the Thermo-Perch is firmly in place.
  4. Plug the AC adapter into an outlet and then plug the adapter cord into the perch. It can take up to an hour for the unit to reach its consistent temperature. 
  5. Be patient and leave the perch alone. It may take some time for your bird to use the perch regularly. Some birds are wary of any new object in their cage. It may take a week or more for your bird to get used to having a new perch in his cage. 
  6. The Thermo-Perch is thermostatically controlled to help birds safely regulate their body temperature. Your bird will position itself on the perch based on the amount of warmth he desires. The Thermo-Perch is not intended to be the only perch in the cage. Your bird will choose when he needs the warmth, and there should always be at least one other non-heated perch to use.

Use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe off the perch. Do not immerse in water. If you would like to use a disinfecting cleaner, like Poop-Off (#814003), lightly mist the perch with the cleaner and then wipe dry. Take care not to mist the area where the cord enters the perch.

Medium - 13" - 1.25" 

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