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January 2017

Posted by Danita on 1/10/2017 to News
Well January is here, and with that Things for Wings is starting off the year organized!

We are taking some time around the vacation to organize both the website and the operation of the business.

From October to December 2016, we were going non stop and as the time progressed, with no quiet in between it became more and more chaotic.

Avian Organics, Fine Feather, Things for Wings toys and many other items are created on site, during busy times this can lead to long delays.  By streamlining our business, hopefully the delays will be few and far between.  

While I refer to ~WE~ in actuality it is a one woman operation.  Ordering, website, creating, making, shipping, packing, emails and the list goes on, is done just by me, Danita.  Therefore, there are times when the waits can seem very long.  Usually toys are made one day, the next day make Avian Organics food, the next dye items.  Sometimes I think it is a miracle that any orders are shipped!

Avian Organics has become more and more popular as people discover the high quality of ingredients and the ease of feeding your bird/parrots a variety.  The batches were made 4-6 bags at a time, this ensures freshness and stock rotation.  However, as the volume of food sales are increasing, the ingredient/fresh food rotation can now be upped to 8-10 bags at a time.  This should speed up the processing time.

Watch for packaging changes, we are switching to a clear opaque bag with coloured labels.  The bags all look the same at the moment, I would like for the mashes, treats, breads, cage blends to have a different colour label for each.  i.e. mashes will have blue label, breads will have green, etc.  We have a new little bird logo too!  Now it is just finding the time to make all the different labels.

My real passion is creating new toys for our Things for Wings toy line.  I work towards a quiet day where I can sit, make a huge mess and think of new ways to present toys that appeal to our birdies while bringing a smile to the faces of the owners.

I remember when my mother owned a gift store in an art community, I heard from her customers, they would ask for gifts from Holly's Store, it could be anything they would say, they loved her store and everything she sold/created.  I hope and work towards that for Things for Wings, a bird store where you can find unique and fun things, a site you can visit and always find something new and different to offer your pets.

Happy New Year everyone and I hope you all can find life balance, love for all living things, and empathy for those less fortunate (human and creatures).  Always remember that how you care and treasure your own pets is the best way to educate and influence others to do the same.



Janeen Noreiga
Date: 1/30/2017
You are doing an excellent job. As a prospective bird homemaker, I have scoured the internet looking for unique toys that don't look mass produced and cheap. Your toys all seem well made with care and love. When you re-open in a few days, I will be placing an order for my future birds and am excited to share with people the amazing toys I purchased at Things for Wings!
Date: 4/11/2017
I love much of what I see here, but still hesitate. We lost a budgie this week to a thread and material clump blocking his stomach - it appears he was eating the threads from his favorite bird toys. As a result the vet says no indigestible materials in future toys to ensure the rest of the flock stays healthy. So... No sisal, string, rope, coconut fiber, loofah, bast for toys now. Paper, cardboard, wood, leather, plastic (pieces not twine or string) and bird appropriate metal are now allowed. Do I have a chance of finding something In your amazing range of toys?

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