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Lucky Lou Key Chain ~

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Introducing Lucky Lou’s Legacy

Lucky Lou was a parrot with a gentle spirit and a compassionate soul.  In the World Parrot Refuge, she took other birds under her wings and protected them, comforted them when they were lonely and afraid.  When she and her friend Coco found a home with Danita Morrison, she was “lucky” in that she’d finally found her true flock—joined a family who cared for her and who loved her, in the way she’d always done for others. She passed away in June, only a year after finding her forever home.

Her story is not over, though.  It is just beginning.  There are so many birds who are not as fortunate as Lucky Lou.  There are so many birds who have had difficult lives full of sorrow and fear—who have been brought low by years of loneliness and heartbreak.  Lucky Lou has left a legacy for them, all these forgotten and abandoned birds who haven’t yet found their families—special birds who are still waiting to be loved and cherished as she was, and as they deserve to be.  

In carrying out Lucky Lou’s Legacy, we recognize that:

    • Each bird is beautiful and precious.
    • Every bird is important, worthy of all the love and every comfort we can offer.
    • All birds deserve to live out their lives in safety, health, and happiness.  

We’re devoted to helping birds in need—sharing out blankets, toys, treats, nutritious food, and other kinds of assistance to make their lives a little better.  

In her passing, as in her life, Lucky Lou is  still teaching us what it means to love.  Through us, she is  still helping other birds, still gathering them under her wings.  We are just beginning!  Please join us in ensuring that they, like our beloved Lucky Lou, will not be forgotten.

May they all be loved like Lucky Lou!

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