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My dogs

Posted by Danita on 8/18/2013 to Pet Stories & Photos
I send everyone I know pictures of my dogs and birds, so why not post them here so I can share them with the world too!
I love all animals, but most of my animal care has gone into the Sable German Shepherd puppies I got a year and a half ago. 
They are a handful! 
Not only do they have boundless energy, they are competitive, reactive, rowdy, to name just a few of their personality traits.
Elliot, Ellie for short, is our problem child, she is on the large side for a female.  She has some food sensitivities, she is accident prone and dramatic, and she barks when she is happy, sad, upset, and scared.  She is a big hug-able bear who loves attention.
Izzy, is the smaller shepherd.  She is very intense, focused and serious.  She is the manager of the set.  She is in charge of Ellie, making sure Ellie is doing everything that Izzy thinks she should do.  A big responsibility.
In short, Ellie is the free spirit artist type and Izzy is the serious, business type.

Here they are, Ellie is on the left and Izzy on the right.

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