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Planet Pleasures Toys

Posted by Danita on 5/17/2015 to News
I recently had a fundraiser for our local rescue Greyhaven Exotic Bird Rescue located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
A number of my friends in the Avian Community donated prizes and raffle tickets were sold.  All proceeds went to purchasing toys for the rescue!  Lots of photographs and information can be found here.
Through the raffle, I was able to look at all the toys offered by other companies.  Was I ever impressed with them!
Planet Pleasures have some fantastic new toys with lots of textures and bright colours.  I just had to bring them in to Things for Wings.  I have been doling them out to my own flock.  I especially like the Puffball toys.  
Next time you place your order, include one of the Planet Pleasures, you won't be disappointed.


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