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Quite a ride!!

Posted by Administrator on 4/28/2015 to News
We have gone through so many changes since our last blog post.

The first one we are most excited about is carrying Avian Organics food and treats!!  Avian Organics has been in the organic bird food business for many years.  Doris, has researched each ingredient and all blends have been tested by hundreds of parrots from around the world.  We are so lucky to be the exclusive seller of these wonderful food options for our feathered friends.  

Did you know, we now have the largest selection of organic bird foods on the net now?  We do!!!  

Things for Wings also has a parrot forum.  Avian Avenue has been around for a long time, so many of the members have oodles of experience to help anyone with questions or just be there for moral support for those who are having difficulties with their companion parrots issues.  We all have them!  Avian Avenue also has monthly contests with great prizes from other Vendors from around North America.  Everyone welcome!

We are always growing, with more planned the future, but for now we are busy enough. 

We now offer an extensive selection of manufactured toys from various companies, Super Bird, Nature's Instinct, Wesco, Paradise Toys, Brainy Bird Toys and more.

Our toy part section is in the process of being revamped and reorganized.  We keep parts to ourselves to add to our unique Things for Wings brand toys, but now we will be releasing them through our Toy Part Section, so check back often!

Have a great week and give your birds snuggles from us.



Juanita Nappo
Date: 11/7/2015
Hi Danita; I just amazed @ all the info on your web site. always find something I missed the first time. You know I am not happy with the so called bird seed we have here in the states. Not much choice. Ingredients added birds (mine) would never touch. Love the story with your Kiwi, beautiful. But I am so surprised to see you offer Kiwi Volkmans.Would you mind If I ask for feed back & what Blend you offer.I have looked & did re-search but always back to the same ingredients that are awful. I wondering why is there corn rather white or just corn in the mixes. Do you oppose to any. Danita I am owned by 10 birds which are the love of my life & looking for help. I love the Cravings blend & I think Biscotti (GW) would be ok with some of that also. (thought) Looking forward to hearing from you. Just love your site.Thanks much from all of us here. Juanita

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