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Spring News 2017

Posted by Danita on 4/5/2017 to News
Thank goodness spring is around the corner.  Here on the West Coast it has been long, rainy and cold.  

I have been wanting to expand into specialty parrot gifts, giftware, and cute gifts for or from bird people.  I often look for a specific store that only carries those items and never have found one dedicated to just that.

One sleepless night, I went on a googling craze and found so many adorable items.  Excited!!!  So the next sleepless night I researched the companies that supply those type of items.  Unfortunately, not many giftware wholesalers carry such things.  If any, it is one or two items.  Usually there is a minimum order and well, I can't justify purchasing $500 worth of one mug with an African Grey on it.

However, I did have success in finding TONS of things that are super cute.  Mostly the Kawaii Bird Collections.  A few years back a Japanese customer of mine sent me these little cockatiel post it notes, and pads of paper.  I thought they were adorable.  I still have them tucked away ~saving~ them for special.  

Kawaii stands for ~cute~ in Japanese, wildly popular items with Japanese characters and animals.  They are collectibles and most companies retire the design every year.  Stickers, tape, stuffed toys, cell phone stands, notebooks, pencil cases and little figures.  Most companies carry a bird specific collection with cockatiels, parrots, lovebirds and parakeets.   We will carry a vast selection right here in Canada at Things for Wings!  

Not only that, we have high end items arriving with parrots on them.  In order to have a good selection these have to be imported Internationally,  Parrot items from all over the world will be here at Things for Wings!

Two new toy collections are in the works, I will leave that as a surprise.

A side note, April 18, 19, 20 and 21, I will be away and will resume shipping that Friday!




Tracy Cai
Date: 4/16/2017
SO excited for free shipping! I adore your site and I'll be a first time customer :) I've already filled out my cart with stuff. Thank you for this amazing service, I'm from Canada (Toronto). My conure will be so happy for all these new items!
Date: 4/16/2017
Hi Tracy I am not having a FREE shipping sale. I am going on holidays, the newsletter I sent said "No shipping", that meant I won't be shipping as I am away. Sorry!!

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