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Super Bird Creations Coco Cornhusk Forager Bird Toy, Large

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  • Designed with your feathered friend's physical and mental well-being in mind.
  • Includes a thick outer coconut husk that birds love to peel and chew.
  • Brightly colored cornhusks provide a healthy and fun outlet for preening.
  • Hide treats (sold separately) inside for a fun foraging challenge!
  • Perfect for large to extra-large pet birds like Amazons, African greys, Alexandrines, eclectus, cockatoos and macaws.
Challenge your beaked bud's body and mind with the Super Bird Creations Coco Cornhusk Forager Bird Toy! This fun foraging toy features colorful cornhusks stuffed and threaded through a natural, chunky coconut. Destructible toys give your bird a healthy chewing and preening outlet and support a strong beak. The Coco Cornhusk Forager is also great for birds who have a tendency to pluck feathers. Plus, you can hide your pal's favorite treats (sold separately) inside for an extra challenge she'll go coco-nuts for!

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