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Sweet Thing Cupcake Fence

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  • • Palm, seagrass, vine, grasses, plastic, pine, balsa, yucca and paper.
  • • Measures 10" wide x 8" high.
  • • Bright and colourful!
  • • Variety of textures.
  • • Fill your bird/parrot's cage with toys to alleviate boredom which leads to feather picking behaviours.
Sweet Thing Cupcake Fence measures 8" high and 10" wide.  Featuring, pink and natural with palm, seagrass, vine, grasses, plastic, pine, balsa, yucca and paper.  It isn't a complete collection without our fence toys added to the theme.  A variety of textures for your smallish bird.  Secures to the side of the cage, great for placing near favourite perching spots!

This Valentine's Day we were finally able to come up with the Cupcake Collection that has been brewing in our mind for years.  A perfect time of year for cupcakes!  Why cupcakes?  The toy designer's favourite holiday is always Valentine's Day.  Of course, when she had a daughter, she made sure that Valentine's Day was a spectacular time of year.  Lots of chocolate and of course, we made cupcakes!  Lots of sprinkles, icing, vanilla with pink icing, or chocolate.  While our treasured parrots can't really eat cupcakes, they can sure have toys handmade with our original cupcake pine cut outs.  Each pine cupcake has either a hardwood heart topper or a pink vine ball topper.  All cupcakes are hand coloured with food colouring.

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