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Thank you so very much for sending my order so quickly!  I'm impressed!  As soon as our sun conure, Ruby, saw her new toy come out of the box, she could hardly wait to play with it!  I am trying her with new food, the Roudybush and thought I would try the chop topper, as well.  We've never seen our bird so protective of her food, we thought she would climb in her dish!  She is one happy girl!  Things for Wings is definitely our new bird store!  Can't wait to try more!  Thank you so very much!

Hi Danita,

Thank you so much! I received the parts today and am blown away by how adorable and well-crafted they are. I can't wait to start making toys! 

Best regards,


My order was delivered yesterday and I just wanted to let you know I think your toys are amazing!! They are so beautiful, creative and packed full of fun things. I'm so happy with them
Best wishes,
Ps. your business card is super cute too :)

I just wanted to say thank you for the bag of mango medley you sent. That was so sweet of you! Looks delicious, as does everything else. Really looking forward to trying out the farmers market blends. I've always given them the golden feast gardenflora to get more veggies into them, but have wanted a better quality mix. Thanks for making the bird world more awesome, Danita. 


Hey, I received my order and I am very pleased with what I got!

The quality of the items are great
The prices were fair
Delivery took almost no time at all 
You were very generous with the shredding sampler 
Your watermelon themed items are incredible 
Now my little guys have lots of new toys :)
They swarmed the box as soon as it was opened!


Hello Danita,
I just wanted to thank you for the super speedy order send-off and delivery. Wow, that’s amazing, and right across the country!

Thank you for carrying such wonderful foods and toys.

Hi Danita! 
I just got today the toys and food i ordered from your store and I LOVE IT! 
Thank you so much. 
I will definitely order a lot in the future, my 6 cockatiels are nuts over the easter seagrass mat that I ordered,  I think it will be all shredded  by the weekend! 


Hi, just received my bird toy order and I was very impressed, thank you very much can't wait to see how my grey and amazon react to something totally new, and in CANADA! thank you again.

Thank you so much for the beautiful toys you created.  Each one is a treasure!  I’ve hung one here at my desk out of reach of any bird just so it will last a little longer and I can enjoy it!  You do such gorgeous work.   Thank you too for the additional goodies you included, both for the birds and for the humans.  That was very thoughtful.

Can’t wait to place another order!  Maybe I’ll go ahead and give this reserved toy to some bird so I have the excuse I need to get more things from Things For Wings!

Most sincerely,

Hi Danita, 

I just received and opened my second order from your company and wow what beautiful well made toys!!! My little cockatiel is in heaven with all the new things. He loves the bead basket and has been working on that one all morning! I'm itching already to put another order in! I don't think I'll ever buy a store bought toy again the quality and creativeness do not even come close to your products let alone your prices are fantastic. Thanks again!!!

Lisa and Sherman

The package arrived today! Everything look fine and packed with care, nothing broken. The toys are awesome! It must be the most beautiful parrot toys we have ever seen. It will be a real delight to offer these toys to our customers.
Thank you so much! 

Best regards

Hi Danita!

I wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU THANK YOU for my order!!!! Opening it felt like Christmas, the pretty paper, and how things were laid in the box-just beautiful! Your toys are AMAZING!!! You could ask 4 times the price, the quality and the unique factor is just WOW!!

I could not be more happy, and I will be a repeat customer for sure. I will let all my friends know about you! I am soon ready to bring home my baby birds, and I know they will LOVE their toys!

I hope you have an amazing week-you deserve it!!

Thanks again so much!
Shonna :)

Hey Danita! I just want to say thank you for the order I just received! I love how fast the delivery was and how great everything is packed. Also loving your products! Looks fabulous! Just wanted to say how happy I was with the service and I will be telling all my friends about it! I will most definitely keep using the service myself! 
Thanks again!

Hi Danita,
We received our order this afternoon and I am thrilled beyond words.  These are the best toys I have seen, and I’ve bought Ozzi a lot of toys in nine years.
Your attention to detail is wonderful.  The toys are so natural, too.
Ozzi is already checking out the Tango and the Cholla Chop.
I am just so happy with the whole thing!  We will be back!
All the best,
Susan and Ozzi

Hello Danita,
Caoimhe's toy is so beautiful, and the different blues that you used are perfect! You can see how well the colors match Caoimhe in the attached pics. This is just such a beautiful toy, and the variety of items you included will give Caoimhe so much to do. I like the way you included her name on it too. Thank You!!! She is also enjoying the Key Lime Pie toy.
Now I'm excited to order a custom toy for my beautiful gentle-hearted tourquoise green-cheek. When things get calmer here, I'll put an order in for that.
You make your toys not only as a talented artist, but obviously also as someone who truly appreciates how special parrots are.
Thank You Very Much -

Pat and Caoimhe. : ))


I just wanted to send a quick thank you email. I received my order today, and it was so much better than I expected! I know Sol (my C. African Grey) is going to have so much fun with the parts I ordered for him, and his shredding sampler kit looks wonderful! My order didn't arrive soon enough, even though it was a week or so early! The TOPs pellets that I ordered are by far the best I've fed him, I'm not yet sure that he will eat them, but they look and smell fresh and healthy. His new platform perch looks adorable, I only hope that he waits a few days before starting to nibble on it! The little embellishments on some of his items made the whole order beyond perfect. Whenever possible I will be ordering from Things for Wings, and the only instance where it won't be possible will be if you don't stock the item I am looking for, and considering what you have to offer, I think that event is quite unlikely to ever happen! I look forward to doing business with Things for Wings for many years to come.

Thank you!

Jess and Sol

I just got the toy and I love it!! It's even better in person. Pablo can't make up his mind about what he wants to chew on. It's so cute! I have it lying on the floor so he can investigate and get used to it before it goes in his cage and he'll be chewing on a little piece of wood or a bead and then he stops and sees something else and scurries over to start chewing on that. Seeing it in person it's obvious how much work this was to make and there's ALOT of stuff on it.  (referring to Pablo's Candy Necklace, Gigantic)


Hi Danita,
I received my order yesterday and I love everything. What is wrong is that they are so beautiful I am afraid to set it up and they will ruin it.  The toys are a hit with the aracaris.  Thanks for our awesome toys and swing.


Hi Danita,

I received my order today and everything is absolutely wonderful (as usual)!!
The branchy sandblasted manzanita perches in particular look great. I have been looking for manzanita perches like this for a while now but have never been able to find them as no other online bird supply store that I know of takes pictures of the actual perch you will be getting (that is, for ones that vastly differ in shape). Because I am so particular about the shape, size, and diameter of perches, this works extremely well for me!
Thanks a bunch,

Hi Danita,
I received the box today.  WOW!!!!!  The swing is amazing!  Thank you so much for selling it to me.  And the perches are awesome too.  I can’t wait to rearrange the birds cages.  I’m going to wait a couple weeks.  We have house guests coming next week which will be traumatic enough for my poor flock.  Once things get back to normal, I’m going to do an Extreme Makeover Cage Edition.  Shipping to the US was no problem at all.  It arrived quickly and there was no delay shipping across the border.
thanks again!

I just got my order today and I wanted to let you know that it's all AMAZING! I wish you could have seen the look on my face when I was pulling everything out of the box. My senegal Pablo is in heaven :) I'll definitely be ordering from you again.

Thank you so much


Received my Totally Organic Pellets and I'm extremely happy with the quality. Thank you for all your excellent service and for providing such a great product!

Hi Danita,
Received the toys today...they are AWESOME!! So happy you also have the cleaner I use as well...I swear by it :)
My guys will be having fun with these for a while I'm sure!

Take Care,
Stephanie Brown

Hi Danita:)  We received our goodies and I just wanted to let you know that both Phoenix and I absolutely adore every last piece in our order!  Your toys are more than toys, they are beautiful decorations, works of art!  I've never, ever seen Phoenix take to a new toy immediately either like he took to your toy.  I'm so happy you have suggestions for Cape Parrots on your website.  I've never tried wooden beads, only plastic.  I never knew he would love them so much!  Do you make toys like the one we ordered with hardwood beads?  I'm not sure what kind of wooden beads these are but he has almost cracked all of them open.  Thanks so much Danita, Phoenix & I really appreciate it:)  Take care!


I LOVE this shipment!  What FUN I had opening my box of goodies!  Everything was so pretty ... so nice .... and I was overwhelmed with glee at all the extra goodies!  Thank you!  Wood scraps, extras, seconds ... oh my goodness!!! ... I felt like a child at Christmas!  Thank you thank you thank you!!!  I truly appreciate your generosity, kindness & YES Kea will indeed enjoy all the extra wood pieces!  You, your gift, brought sunshine & lightness to my day.  I truly believe it's the little things in life that matter ... & my dear, these little things are HUGE to me!
So again I say thank you!  I'm feeling extraordinarily blessed this day because of what you create, share & give from the heart.
Hugs, more hugs & Gander Marcel kisses too!  Can't have full appreciation without Gander Marcel kisses!
PS ... love your notepaper!  The perfect whimsical touch for jotting your notes.  Hun, you've got magic!

Dear Danita,

Thank you so much for the divine "Thing for Wings" toys for Orlando. I felt like a child on Christmas Day opening the parcel. Everything is more beautiful and more detailed than I had imagined. Looking forward to watching Orlando enjoy playing and discovering!

Warm regards,

Hi Danita :)
It's always a pure pleasure ordering from you!
I know Gracie and Marie are going to LOVE their Valentine Toys from Echo and Sammy!
Your toys are my birdies favorties! They must have new toys for Valentine's Day!
Ohhhhh, what a darling idea, Lady Bug toys, how fun for Spring and Summer!
I know I will be ordering some of them!


Hi Danita!

Your toys are so great! My TAG, Lizzy, totally loves the Jolly Rancher- I actually had to take it from her cage last night because she wouldn't stop playing with it at bedtime!