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Veggie Berry Bars

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Veggie Berry Bars

These nutritious treats feature blueberries and currants for an antioxidant boost. Made with organic kale (natural vitamin k) pumpkin (vitamin A), broccoli (vitamins A and K) and beneficial sea kelp (vitamins B1, B2, D & C). *See full ingredient list.

Veggie Berry Bars deliver the crunchy texture that parrots love. Easily digested kamut® flour is rich in vitamin E and is well tolerated by wheat sensitive birds.
Sized perfectly for African Greys, amazons, eclectus, Cape parrots, larger conures, larger mini macaw species such as Red Fronts, Severe and Yellow Collared and similar sized birds. Also an ideal treat choice for large parrot species as well. Customers report that even their fussy Hyacinth macaws love the Veggie Berry Bars! Made with organic kale (natural vitamin k) pumpkin (vitamin A), broccoli.
Bars measure approximately 2.5" long x 1/2" wide.
*Sold in packs of 200 grams, around 30 bars.

Organic Ingredients

Kamut® flour, kale, pumpkin, broccoli, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, dried blueberries and currants, coconut oil, ginger, sea kelp, dandelion leaf.

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