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Vitamin Enriched Pure Calcium Powder 4 oz

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  • • Sprinkle on foods
  • • Calcium Carbonate enriched with vitamins
  • • Sold specifically for birds and parrots use under the advise of an Avian Veterinarian
  • • Sealed in 4 ounce shaker jars
Use under the advice of an Avian Veterinarian.  
Pure Calcium as a supplement for those bird who are lacking calcium in their diet. Vitamins and minerals specifically for birds.  
It provides structural strength and support (bones and eggshell) and plays vital roles in many of the biochemical reactions in the body.
Egg-laying females need calcium to help form strong eggshells.

For best absorption results, consider feeding the calcium supplement on fresh, moist raw foods like parrot chop, a diverse range of vegetables, fruits, soaked grains, seeds, and nuts. That way, you know that your bird is consuming the entire dosage.

A complete calcium supplement should only be offered 3 days a week, or every other day.  "Although excessive oral calcium intake is not thought to cause clinical problems in most cases, excessive oral vitamin D3 can cause harmful calcium accumulation in tissues such as the kidneys."

Supplements should be used carefully, especially in susceptible species (eg, macaws). And, if your bird is on tetracycline, stop administering calcium during treatment. 

Other than African Grey parrots, typically, calcium deficiencies are caused by a poor diet.  

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