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Woodland Duck

Woodland Duck

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Part Number:3594-6
  • • Bright and colourful!
  • • Measures 5-6" around
  • • Our own pine duck shapes, featuring blue and yellow
  • • Natural woods
  • • Original design, hand made with tons of love!
  • • Natural wood, vine, coco rope, wood beads and pine ducks

Woodland Duck

Bright and fun!!!!!
At Things for Wings we ensure you get top quality hand made toys with an original flair!
There is only one Things for Wings, where toys are crafted from a sentimental place in the toy designers heart.  Why a Duck Collection?  Well, for my own flock of course!  Every day we sing, 6 Little Ducks, la, la, la.  The greys just love this, while I sing, they add the background "Quack, Quack, Quack"
We search for parts and have them made to ensure you really are getting a unique toy.
Our Just Ducky Collection won't disappoint, cute, cute, cute is written all over it!
Featuring just natural woods around coconut rope, with some vine and our great pine ducks!  Measures 6" around, suitable for tougher beaks.

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