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Valentine Fence

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  • • Palm, seagrass, vine, grasses, plastic, pine, balsa, yucca and paper.
  • • Measures 10" wide x 8" high.
  • • Bright and colourful!
  • • Variety of textures.
  • • Fill your bird/parrot's cage with toys to alleviate boredom which leads to feather picking behaviours.
Just for FUN
Each bird needs a little Valentine's Day Fence!
We colour each one with food colouring by hand.
The fence toys are the most popular, so if you are new to Things for Wings, this would be your first choice.  
Each (approximately 6") fence, is made by hand has our assorted shredding parts, combined with soft wood balsa.  These are made to secure to the sides of cages by perches or anywhere really.  Great for disabled birds!

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